Thursday, 27 August 2015

Day9 - Isle of Skye

Date: Sunday 23rd August 2015
Route: Isle of Skye
Our Listening Pleasure:  too busy chatting to listen to music!
Miles today: 116
Total Mileage: 1,313

Today we proved just how powerful love of music can be and just how small the world really is. After a hearty breakfast, we took the quick route, over the Quiraing (pronounced Kerrang! as in the heavy metal magazine) to the other side of the Totternish to meet up with Micah and Suzanne Gilbert in Uig.  Micah had performed at the International Pop Overthrow in Liverpool in May and we had caught both of his sets at that musical extravaganza and got talking with him afterwards. When we learned he was about to move to Skye, we kept in touch and hey-ho, today we got to meet again.

The drive over the Quirang was mainly single track road, with loads of Italians in their RV Camper vans and German drivers causing chaos in the passing places! We made it to Uig in one piece and met up with Micah and Suzanne.

The harbour boats in Uig
We went out to see some more of the island. First stop was the Fairy Glen which is near to Uig. These small cone shaped hills have an almost striped effect.  Waternish was next on the trail, on the peninsula next door, and around more single track roads and hairpin bends. Donovan used to own a cottage here and there is a photo of George Harrison outside it from the early 70's. The cottage is still there. 

Donovan's cottage
Outside the Stein Inn

A quick drink and a cake at the Stein Inn, which dates back to 1790 making it the oldest pub on the island, some photos taken with the scenic backdrop, and we were off again.

Micah, Suzanne and The Beeb at the Stein Inn
Much of the scenery was dominated by the Black Cuillin Hills as we headed down through Glen Brittle. We didn't make it to the Fairy Pools and then our route to a beach was blocked by a people carrier that had gone off the road and was stuck in the ditch so we ended up turning around before we got too caught up. 
Micah and The Beeb overlooking the Uig shoreline

Shimmer at Uig

We were driving around with Micah and Suzanne for the best part of five hours. Their knowledge of the island's geography is amazing, and the views we had were stunning.

Getting back to Staffin, we mentioned that Suzanne taught Scottish Literature at Stirling University...... and here's how small the world is.... Vony knew her from her time as a student at Stirling!!

The rest of the evening was spent with the Higgins', The sunset tonight was something to write home about. And this was the hottest day on Skye this year.
Sunset over Staffin

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