Sunday, 16 August 2015

Day1 - Hemel to Co. Durham

Date: Saturday 15th August 2015
Route: Hemel Hempstead to Toft Hill, Co Durham
Our Listening Pleasure: Splitsville albums
Miles today: 244

Eight Thirty, the car was loaded and we were off. Our Caledonia Tour had begun.
Ahead of us, the majority of the M1 motorway, junction 9 through to 58! Amazingly the route was fairly clear but when we got to Wetherley Services, everyone else seemed to have the same idea as us (probably because it was the only services for miles!) and we joined the slow moving queue on the roundabout and into the services for a loo break.
Junction 9 - 58 : that's a long way!
Making great time, we arrived at our first port of call, a lovely little town near Bishops Auckland in County Durham, called Toft Hill. Our accommodation was booked at Chez Dave & Judith and we were immediately refreshed with a lovely cup of Northern Tea and a sloppy greeting from a bouncing, energetic Jack Russell!  After the long drive up, a quiet, relaxed afternoon was welcomed, the time spent chatting and laughing and also included a bit of a jam with The Beeb and Dave, involving a couple of Ukuleles and a guitar. A trip out to a local music store was also on the agenda and The Beeb showed enormous restraint and did not  come back with a custom made 4 stringed cigar box/guitar.

Dinner was at a restaurant called The Bridge and Dave and Judith's lovely neighbours came along too. The menu was vast, loads of veggie stuff to choose from for The Beeb. The highlight of the night was the waiter calling The Beeb, “Darling”, before realising he was not a woman!! We are not sure what gave it away, (maybe the beard!!) but it gave us a good chuckle and left the waiter open to being teased for the rest of the night!

The night ended at the neighbour’s house, with a wee drink and a bit of a singalong with The Beeb borrowing Craig’s guitar for the duration.

By 2am we were flagging, so it was off to recharge the batteries….

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