Thursday, 27 August 2015

Day8 - Isle of Skye

Date: Saturday 22nd August 2015
Route: Day in Skye
Our Listening Pleasure:  Beeb’s sing-a-long!
Miles today: none
Cumulative Mileage: 1197

Common grazing land in Staffin

We woke up to a beautiful day on Skye. Us two, and Gordon and Wendy headed out for a short walk around lunchtime to take in some scenery around Staffin. It would appear the Higgins’ know everyone on the isle if the cars that passed us are any indication.

The Beeb and Gordon

Minty on her walk with Gordon and Wendy

We got back home to see the second half of the footie before heading out again, this time to Staffin Bay. But before that, Gordon and Wendy’s daughter Vony opened her birthday cards, including ours, which thanks to her dad, was ONE YEAR OUT! While we were out she also had the most incredible birthday cake delivered.
Vony is surprised with her cake.......

and no wonder..... it was brilliantly decorated

After spending some time looking for the dinosaur print on the shore at Staffin Bay, we had to admit defeat – too much seaweed and green slime covered the rocky shore, and the three toed print was not going to be found. It was fun trying to find it though.
Wendy checks for the dinosaur print
It's here..... somewhere......

Over here! No, over here!

Flora McDonald's Grave
Another drive took us to the graveyard where the legendary Jacobite heroine, Flora MacDonald is buried. 

It would appear she was quite a character if the story on the grave was anything to go by – after saving Bonnie Prince Charlie, she and her husband headed for America where they also fought in the war of independence! 
More of Flora's grave

McQueen's stone
The back of the McQueen stone

There is also a commemorative stone there for fashion designer Alexander McQueen. 

Apparently this is only a marker, and his ashes were scattered. 

There is no concept of long distances on Skye and tonight we went to a local pub/restaurant, involving a 45 mile round trip, to help celebrate with the birthday girl, Vony. 

The beer washed down a more than decent meal, before a local band, Skyefall (geddit?) kicked in. We must be too used to the Flaming Cortina’s ear bleeding volume, because they didn’t sound anyway near half as loud, and it was difficult to distinguish the three girls' singing. The guitarist was pretty good though.
The Beeb photobombs the Higgins' party picture!

We headed home for a nightcap, but not before Gordon and the Beeb got the guitars out for a bit of a sing-song. Reliving their younger days, it was the wee small hours before everyone headed off to the land of Nod. The cat, Rosie seemed to appreciate it all though!

The Beeb serenades Rosie

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